Don’t let me go
Hold me in your beating heart
I won’t let go
Forever is not enough


Everybody dance - TVD S5 bloopers [x]
Ian Somerhalder - The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Promotional Photo
Ian, Nina and Paul - The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Photoshoot BTS


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TVD S5 bloopers [x]
Ian Somerhalder - TVD S5 bloopers x
Behind the scenes of TVD and Originals Promotional Photoshoot

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The Vampire Diaries - Season 6 - Cast Promotional Photos

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Anonymous asked: Do you think we are supposed to see SE as abusive and toxic? That's what writers us to think? Because it obviously IS abusive, but because it was NEVER addressed in the show neither in any interview, I sometimes think, that writers don't realize how problematic scenes like in 1x11, 1x19, 3x11 or in 4x02 are (and they weren't there to show abuse, but sth else), and don't see SE as toxic. They want us to believe that SE was healthy relationship (in contrast to DE)...

You know I’m always unsure how to answer this question cos honestly there are too many arguments on both sides…I feel if someone just watches the show then will probably feel that SE by the end of their relationship were meant to look abusive specially after Elena’s compelled speech in 4x10 but when you read some of JP’s interviews, you feel like WTF?! Is this really what she think of SE?!

But on the whole I would say that the writers know what they are doing and made Stelena out to be unhealthy by the end but ya they definitely don’t realize the extent of it’s abusive nature but that’s because the writers of TVD gloss over abuse and problematic issues in general, not Stelena in particular :/